I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach, and I am here to serve the community both near and far with group and/or individual nutrition coaching to help you reach your goals!

**Disclaimer: That being said, I am NOT a doctor. The recommendations I give are not to be taken as professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. I have specific training in nutritional therapy but I cannot make promises to “heal” or resolve medical diagnoses. I recommend informing your doctor if you are working with a holistic nutrition practitioner, so they can monitor your medical status and medications, as health tends to improve following implementation of nutritional protocols.** 

Private Facebook Groups

My passion is women’s health and fertility, and I have taken a special interest in pre-pregnancy nutrition. I am currently building an online course for pre-pregnancy preparation with an eventual membership site to go along with it. In the meantime, click these links to my Fertility and Pregnancy Facebook Groups to join my FREE communities!

Pre-pregnancy Preparation

Reach out to me if you are thinking about starting a family, but you want to maximize your health first. Hormone imbalances, loss of a period, and many other factors can stand in the way of “easy” conception, and I am here to help you improve your overall health. I can help you get your nutrition back on track with pregnancy-supporting foods and habits. I can help you figure out how to track your cycle, give you tips on tracking ovulation, and provide insight into the impact of stress on conception and how trying to conceive can impact your relationship. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, send me a message and we can set up a

FREE 20 minute consult! 

If you do choose to work with me individually, here are some package options (*Sessions will all be virtual at this time*):

  1. Pregnancy Preparation Package
    • $500 for 3 months of individual coaching and support from me
    • Introduction session of 60 minutes to discuss all things nutrition and individualized concerns
    • Weekly 30 minute check-ins of your choice (calls, zoom meetings, texts)
    • Access to me throughout this time via email and Voxer app
    • This is more intensive than the other packages since we are trying to prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy, and it requires more individualized coaching and training
    • Don’t let that overwhelm you, though! This isn’t boot camp- it’s fertility support and education.
  2. Pregnancy Package
    • $100 per month, pay as you go. No commitment to work together the whole time. 
    • Introduction session of 60 minutes for all initial nutrition info as well as general and individualized pregnancy discussions
    • Weekly 15 minute check-ins of your choice (calls, zoom meetings, texts)
    • Access to me throughout this time via email and Voxer app
    • I will help you navigate through weird symptoms so you don’t have to trust Google, give you reliable resources to read and be your sounding board when no one else gets it. 
    • I am NOT dogmatic. I will not scrutinize your every meal or shame you for ANYTHING WHATSOEVER. I am here to make you feel supported and prepared. 
  3. Postpartum Package
    • $200 for 4 sessions plus email access to me through 3 months postpartum
    • Introduction session DURING pregnancy of 60 minutes to discuss birth preferences, postpartum nutrition and rest recommendations as well as resources for support
    • 3 additional sessions either pre or post-birth (your choice)
    • Email access to me throughout for questions
    • Tips and advice on breastfeeding (especially pertaining to nutrition for breastfeeding and milk supply), training for postpartum meal prep (including recipes), literature for family to read regarding the rest and recovery support you will need postpartum, book recommendations.
    • Add-on sessions at $50/ hour 
  4. ALL-IN-ONE Package!
    • $1,200 for the WHOLE shebang
    • I will take you through fertility education, nutrition for all stages, how to go about conceiving (besides the obvious), pregnancy from beginning to end, and postpartum support for 3 months. I am here for you, my friend. 
    • It’s like having a personal little pocket nutritionist and confidante for this whole journey, which- in my humble opinion- is much better than Dr. Google! Girl, I will Google it FOR you if need be and help you wade through the BS! 
    • This is at least a $1600 value, though it is truly difficult to monetize such a momentous time in someone’s life! 
  • **Use the form above to book a FREE 20 minute  (NO strings attached) consult to discover if we are a good fit for each other!



Individual Nutrition Coaching

As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practioner, I focus on bioindividuality. I will help you identify nutritional deficiencies specifically pertaining to you and your needs so you can regain your health. 


Let’s build something together.

21 Day Sugar Detox Coaching

I will coach you through the program, day by day. Options include Facebook group interactions, group video calls and in-person group sessions!


Let’s build something together.