BEACHES Resort, Turks & Caicos Review and Tips!

If you are interested in planning a tropical resort vacation with children, this post is for you. Of course, you can go to this resort without children, but this resort chain has the best offerings for little ones that I’ve seen! For context, at the time of this vacation I had 3 children, ages 5,Continue Reading

Has It Been ADHD This Whole Time?

I am a grown woman person. I think of myself as generally capable and responsible, but I do get help with the REAL scary stuff like taxes and bills and dishes (Thank you, husband). In my adulthood, I have noticed that I may have tendencies towards deficits in attention. I could flit among several tasksContinue Reading

A Letter to New Pandemic Mamas

Parenting in a pandemic is hard- I think that is a safe statement to make. We are all in the same storm- though we each have different boats. We have different challenges based on stages of life, employment status, job type, family availability, overall health and baseline mental state. This particular message is for youContinue Reading

Butterscotch Apple Lactation Bites

Butterscotch Apple Lactation Bites I might still do some fine-tuning on this flavor, but they’re still delicious! I used a full cup of finely chopped freeze-dried apples, but between the butterscotch chips and the nut butter, the apple isn’t as pronounced as I’d like it to be. I’ll update this as I perfect it. InContinue Reading

Being a nutritionist during a Pandemic

I thought the nutrition space was this cozy little alcove between what people think is healthy to eat and what is actually healthy to eat. Conventional thinking and holistic thinking Western and eastern medicinal beliefs and practices And my job was to communicate the truth, which often lies somewhere in the middle and differs forContinue Reading

Greek Chicken Burgers with Dill Mayo

Oh man, these were good. We will be making them again. Chicken Burgers: 1 lb ground chicken 1/4 cup cooked spinach, packed 1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese 1.5 tbsp diced onion 1.5 tsp Greek seasoning A few dashes salt and pepper Remove rings- you don’t want raw chicken bits in them. Mix all burger ingredientsContinue Reading

Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

Chiropractic Care has done a lot for me. I first started going when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my first babe, as soon as I learned the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. The benefits of keeping an ever-changing and growing body properly aligned cannot be overstated. Every time I go in, I amContinue Reading

Real Food for Pregnancy: A Book Review

Real food for Pregnancy is a MUST-READ for every pregnant person! It’s something to be kept at the bedside throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond. It has well-researched information regarding dietary recommendations, nutrient needs and countless other tips that I haven’t found collected together anywhere else. Most importantly, for me, it explains WHY all theseContinue Reading

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