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Kitchen Sink Chicken Soup! This ended up being Chicken Vegetable Orzo Soup, but honestly it started out with “how many leftovers can I prevent from wasting today?” I’m including what I did here as a general idea of what you can do with leftovers so you don’t waste them! YouContinue Reading

I absolutely love Shepherd’s Pie! My favorite iteration includes bacon and is topped with a mixture of puréed cauliflower and white potatoes. This one is topped with all white potatoes, and it’s delish but the potatoes dry out a little in the fridge, so leftovers aren’t as amazing as theContinue Reading

These were so dang good, I cannot wait to make them again. We have made homemade fish sticks and breaded fish before and it always turns out great, but usually we bake it. Frying just adds another dimension of flavor and indulgence, and if you do it at home, thenContinue Reading

I never realized before how pumpkin puree makes for a perfect viscosity chili! I feel like I need to have even a small amount as the “secret ingredient” in any future chili I make for this reason. Maybe I will get a can and freeze it in tablespoon amounts toContinue Reading

I am so excited to share my new healthy jellied cranberry sauce recipe- it has just 3 ingredients! Jellied cranberry sauce may be my favorite Thanksgiving table addition. Maybe it’s the tart contrast to creamy mashed potatoes and savory (dark meat) turkey, or maybe it’s the fact that it’s soContinue Reading