Eat What Feels Good Postpartum- Online Course Description

Eat What Feels Good Postpartum is an online guide for the first 3 months after giving birth, sometimes called the fourth trimester. This is the time period when healing from pregnancy and birth is most important, as it sets the tone for hormonal health for years and years to come.

The program is formatted as an online course, consisting of 6 modules containing videos and text resources designed to guide you through the fourth trimester. It can be accessed via computer or smartphone, making it convenient to look up info on-the-go and watch videos whenever you can. The software also tracks what you’ve already viewed, and allows you to jump around to various topics. You are not required to finish a module before moving onto another, and can go straight to the topics you need in the moment.

In this course, you will find what to expect in various postpartum scenarios, what they don’t tell you, and what the research says about it. It’s all there. Below is an outline of the course to get a better idea of the contents.


Module 1: Postpartum Preparation

I recommend starting this course before the baby comes! In this module, I show you how you can set yourself up for success in the postpartum period. This section includes ideas for pre-planned meals, suggestions for gathering supplies, how to set up your support system, and hospital bag recommendations.

Module 2: Rest & Recovery

Allowing ample time to rest and recover from any birthing method is crucial to hormonal health going forward (all the way to menopause)! This section provides background info on the postpartum mindset as well as specific recovery tips and supplies that can aid healing. You will learn about rest, pelvic floor rehab, reasonable timelines for resuming exercise/sex, details of medical followups after birth, getting your cycle back, and managing expectations for weight loss and recovery timelines. There’s a whole video devoted to things people don’t tell you about postpartum recovery- my goal being that you’re not blindsided!

Module 3: Nutrition

All about postpartum nutrition- WITHOUT the dogma. Just the latest in nutrition science along with ancestral practices, my recommendations, and even ideas for meal plans! As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), I can explain the nutrients most important for healing and breastfeeding, and what foods can get you those nutrients. I am here to help you nourish your body which, in turn, can help you get back to yourself quicker. This program is not focused on losing baby weight, though, as I do not believe that is a priority in the fourth trimester and can be counteractive to the goal of true nourishment and healing.

Module 4: Newborn Feeding Methods

This module is split into two parts, one for breastfeeding and one for formula feeding. If you know you are choosing formula, you have no obligation to complete the breastfeeding module. However, if you are choosing to breastfeed it could be beneficial to learn about the topic of formula in the event that you may need to consider it. It also can be good to weigh the pros and cons of each (about which I provide my honest contributions along with what the research says) so you can make the most informed decision if you’re on the fence. Spoiler alert: I support whatever choice a parent makes and am not here to convince either way. Only you can decide, but I can at least help you weigh your options.

Breastfeeding topics: benefits and basics, establishing latch and supply, managing challenges, pumping, things they don’t tell you, product recommendations, breastfeeding timeline expectations and my shared experiences.

Formula topics: benefits and basics, formula brand comparisons, things they don’t tell you, community resources.

Module 5: Mental Health

This course would not be complete without a focus on mental health. In this module, you will find up-to-date statistics on various postpartum mental health disorders. We will go through a lengthy list of things they don’t tell you about postpartum that can impact your mental health. We talk about what you can do about the struggles you may have (including but not limited to how to find a mental health counselor/professional should you need one). Finally we discuss how to avoid resentment of your partner as you go through this sensitive time of transition.

Module 6: Newborn Basics

To be very clear, this is not a baby course. I am not teaching you how to sleep train or care for a newborn. I just couldn’t totally ignore the baby who has caused all of these drastic changes you are experiencing right now. After all, sharing some inside info about these little creatures will certainly help you navigate this time better. We talk about things they don’t tell you (and that I WISH I knew before my first)! Then I go through product and book recommendations to make life SO much easier for you (none of which I sell myself- this is not a long con, don’t worry). Finally, I share my own experiences with three little ones. This part is by no means obligatory- nothing is- but I have found that powerful lessons can be learned in the sharing of personal and vulnerable stories among new parents.


Why ME?!  Why THIS Course?

While this course is NOT about me, I understand that in a sense I am selling myself to you when I market it. I am asking you to choose ME. To trust ME with this precious time in your life. I do not take that lightly.  I have poured so much of myself into this course, while taking great pains to cover as many perspectives as possible so that it can be comprehensive while also addressing individual needs.

I am not a textbook. I am a person with real experiences, just like everyone else. I have a holistic nutrition certification, along with a master’s degree in healthcare (I am a Speech-Language Pathologist by day). My master’s afforded me with extensive experience with reading research studies, dissecting them and weeding out the important information. A strength of mine is being able to call BS on data that has been massaged and headlines that are misleading. I have done the research and the work for you, so you don’t have to wade through the internet all by yourself in the middle of the night.

If you’re questioning whether you “need” a course like this, I get it. People have been doing this ‘baby’ thing forever and haven’t needed a guide to tell them what to do. The thing is, our ancestors had literal villages helping them. After that, people had wet nurses who made sure their babies were fed. Today, we are lucky if we have a partner with time off from work or live close to relatives. We have never in history been so isolated as new parents, and it can be really scary and overwhelming. We are expected to do it all, while recovering ourselves. Of course, we want to give the best care possible to our babies, but in order to do that we need to prioritize our own healing when we can.

I know that I can make the fourth trimester easier for you. Another strength of mine is anticipating the needs of others and knowing how to validate and address their concerns (Enneagram 2 here). I created the bulk of this course DURING my fourth trimester with my third baby SO that I could be truly in the experience and not forget a single thing I wanted to share.

There is no doubt in my mind that every student I have will learn something in each module that NO ONE would have told them. It’s not that people want to withhold information from us, it’s just that they tend to focus on the positive and avoid icky, vulnerable or unpleasant aspects of new parenthood. This only serves to make those experiences that much more unpleasant, because they take us by surprise. If we only KNEW some of these things, they’d actually lose their scare factor and we’d be ready for them- at least mentally.

If you choose to learn with me, your mental, physiological and hormonal health will be my priority. I will be available throughout your course experience to answer questions and receive any feedback you have on the course modules. I would LOVE to hear from you.


What’s this going to cost me?!

The price of my course is $194.

I wanted to make it affordable but also honor the extensive work that has gone into researching the topics, creating the materials and recording the videos. This course is comprehensive and is WORTH this price.

That being said, I am still workshopping the final modules and while a huge chunk of it is complete, not all videos have been uploaded yet. For this reason, my students thus far are beta testers. In exchange for your patience while I perfect this course, there is a significant discount in place! The discount will decrease as I put the finishing touches on the modules, which is why the sale price isn’t mentioned here- enter the code provided below to reveal the current price on the checkout page.

If you’re convinced that your postpartum period will be easier with me by your side, click this link to head to checkout and enter code BETATESTER to receive a discount for a limited time!

**For a sneak peek at my “Things They Don’t Tell You” sections, head to my Instagram @eatwhatfeelsgood where I have shared some of those series’ in my Reels. I also have course highlights that could help you get a better feel for me and the type of content I share.

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